I have not seen her for years, but I had heard (circa 1982) from a classmate that Cathy had gone to law school and that she had shot someone. I am also an attorney, so I was amazed that Cathy was having such problems. I am also amazed that with her conviction she did not lose her law license.

My only comment is about her age -- the January 13 article incorrectly refers to Cathy as 51. Well, Cathy is at least 56 and probably 57. Our St. Agnes graduating class was small (approximately 116 girls), so we all knew each other. Cathy was smart and was considered studious, but there was no indication then that she would end up in her present situation. Thanks for the interesting reporting.

Sharon Steele Doyle


The King's No Boss

Bruce Springsteen is far more talented than Elvis ever was ["St. Boss," by Anthony Mariani, April 13]. The latter dreamed about having even half the voice of the Boss! I do not think that Bruce's style has anything to do with a marketing strategy. Bruce is simply being Bruce.

Elvis, on the other hand, was a wimp of a man who did only what Colonel Parker told him to do. This so-called karate expert hid in terror from his fans in Las Vegas because he thought they might hurt him. It is totally inappropriate to discuss the Boss and the banal Elvis in the same article. One should get on his knees and beg for forgiveness for committing this error.

Long live the Boss! May he reign forever.

David Thomson


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