Let's Make A Deal

Convicted felons Mike and Pat Graham are at it again, trading allegations for favors

If the June 5 date holds for both proceedings, it could provide an interesting spectacle. In Hughes's court, defense attorneys will likely drill prosecutors on what they know about the alleged scam on Fred Rizk, as well as whether they knew Pat and Mike have apparently lied and committed forgery in the bankruptcy and Coushatta cases, respectively.

Meanwhile, over in Harmon's court, those same prosecutors will presumably talk about what an honest, hardworking "cooperating witness" Pat Graham has been.

To be sure, until Hughes sets a new date for the Collins trial, and until Fred Hofheinz is tried in Louisiana, the credibility of Pat and Mike Graham will be under continued attack. Prosecutors may also have to deal with an investigation of Fred Rizk's allegation that the Graham brothers scammed him for $250,000. If the established pattern continues, prosecutors will likely at least attempt to delay any indictments that may result.

Mike (left) and Pat Graham were videotaped while giving their depositions.
Mike (left) and Pat Graham were videotaped while giving their depositions.

However, unlike the feds, the Harris County district attorney's office appears to have had its fill of the Graham brothers. In December Assistant U.S. Attorney Gary Cobe asked the D.A.'s office if anyone over there had promised Pat Graham a break on his felony theft conviction.

Assistant D.A. Chuck Noll replied that while Pat Graham had sought favors from his office, "I personally advised Patrick Graham's attorney that the state would still seek pen time on Mr. Graham's case even if Mr. Graham made a case for federal prosecutors on the president."

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