Still Stumbling

Houston Chronicle faces the Hispanic community and anchor confustion

As one reader pointed out, "Gina saying that on KHOU would be pretty miraculous in itself, considering that she left KTRK (not KHOU) and moved to New Jersey, where she now hosts a program on MSNBC."

Geez, everyone's a critic.

Meanwhile, KPRC-Channel 2, which has bravely pushed the sweeps-month envelope with million-dollar giveaways, went even further into TV News Hell recently with a lame "You Be the Judge" gimmick.

Reporter Brendan Keefe outlined some suit against a hospital and then told viewers to click on the station's Web site to vote on whether the plaintiffs should win -- and if they should, how much they should get. What this had to do with news is beyond us.

And don't ask what the results of the poll were; somehow we didn't stay tuned to find out the opinions of the kind of viewers who would actually go to the Web site to put their two cents in. We're sure the results offered a trenchant, piercing perspective on the controversy.

Next up: a poll on which exercise machines anchor Dominique Sachse should be shown using whenever the next sweeps month rolls around.

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