Payback Time

The latest victims of death merchant Davis will recoup their losses - when he's dead

Squyres was sentenced to ten years' probation after pleading guilty to charges of forgery and securing the execution of a document by deception. More than 20 others involved in Davis's scheme already had pleaded guilty to the same charges.

It took the cumulative resources of the district attorney, the Texas Department of Insurance and the Texas Securities Board to nail Davis. The crimes were uncovered by investigators after a series of articles in the Houston Press on Davis and his criminal past.

Bonds, who testified in the trial's sentencing phase, says his pursuit of Davis is not yet over.

Bonds says he'll continue to track Davis, even inside state prison.
Steve McVicker
Bonds says he'll continue to track Davis, even inside state prison.

"I'll find out what unit he's in and talk to the warden about who he is," Bonds says. "I've kept up with him before. As long as he draws breath, I'll know where he is and what he's up to."

Bonds testified that Davis would likely have received the death penalty in the murder case if he hadn't ducked behind a plea bargain. Bonds and other prosecution witnesses made no effort to hide their revulsion for Davis.

"The testimony they gave was devastating," Flood says. "They were able to put a real face on the defendant, probably one [the defense] did not want to be seen."

Those who view Davis as a mercenary criminal motivated by naked greed find the court-ordered restitution fitting. Bonds uses an anecdote from Davis's prior nine years in prison to illustrate the point.

A prison system lieutenant told Bonds about overhearing Davis respond to another inmate who asked, "What are you doing in here?"

"He said it was a business deal gone bad," Bonds says. "The guy's just cold-blooded. If he has to kill babies, he willŠ.That's really what he is. He's a businessman."

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