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What Hoffman isn't, though, is an expert on light rail. But in the Chron's never-ending campaign to get such a system built here, he has been sent across the nation to file cheery reports on just how great light rail is.

There's been no economic analysis so far, but the series isn't done yet, so let's give him the benefit of the doubt.

That's not to say the columns have been content-free. Here's what we learned:

June 6, San Diego: "The [light rail] cars are immaculate. Signs warn against loud music, littering, eating, drinking and putting your feet on the seats. I didn't see one scrap of paper on the floor."

June 7, Denver: "The cars are squeaky clean."

June 8, Cleveland: "The cars are so clean you could eat off the floor, except nobody dares drop any crumbs down there."

Now that's a relief. We thought Metro was proposing to use dirty, noisy and smelly rail cars. Now light rail makes sense.

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