Surefire Plan

Inside Houston

At least he'll be able to pay his air-conditioning bill.

News You Can Use

Two nuggets from a long, long report in the Chron June 22 announcing that "the new beverage of the moment is bottled water" (what moment is that? 1989?):

First nugget: "For value, tap water remains the best option."

Second nugget: "A partially drunk bottle left out on a hot day remains safe to finish -- provided you don't mind drinking warm water," according to one expert.

Up next: Water can be used with soap for cleaning purposes.

Synergy Watch

We didn't see it ourselves, but we are told by two usually reliable witnesses that KPRC-TV's 10 p.m. newscast the night of the Gary Graham execution was immediately preceded by an ad for The Green Mile, the Tom Hanks movie about executing a black guy.

Kind of a new spin on the station's usual practice of Special Reports on the topics of NBC miniseries, we guess.

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