Taking Aim

Teenagers and anti-handgun advocates are helping Jaime Barrica keep a promise to his dead son

State Representative Garnet Coleman of Houston, whose constituents include the Barricas, might support stricter legislation. "I don't think we'd write a bill to outlaw handguns, but we are concerned about enforcement of the legislation," says Todd Edwards, Coleman's chief of staff. "We don't want guns in the hands of kids."

Members of the Justice for Jonathan group believe attitudes can be revised, and so can laws. Ryan Sepulveda, 17, says there is a consensus among teenagers for banning handguns. "It's just the adults who don't agree."

The planned march to the state capitol should show whether this group is merely a collective exercise in grieving or a genuine movement for change. "If we make it to Austin," Jaime says, "nothing will be impossible."

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