Letters 07-27-2000


Luke Giles

Age Rage

I want to complain about the advertisements for the Houston Press Music Awards shows in downtown Houston on July 16. I bought and paid for a wristband as described in countless radio and newsprint ads. However, I did not learn that almost all venues would be only for those age 21 and up until the moment I walked into The Mercantile.

Every one of the ads I had seen and heard had somehow neglected to mention this very important detail. I was denied entrance to the performance, even though I had followed every instruction given by the Houston Press, and was not able to see the performer I had come for. I did manage to discover that there were only two venues that would allow me in, and I did attend one of those performances.

I feel like I was tricked into buying a ticket to something I was not eligible for, and this has greatly decreased my opinion of the newspaper and Music Awards festival. I hope that this input will enable the Press to make clear announcements about future events and perhaps open up the events it sponsors to people who are not minors, but who are not able to buy alcohol yet.

Emily Cunningham

Editor's note: The Press advised readers of the age restrictions. The full-page promotions included a notice about the age limitations as well as a listing of the three venues for the "all ages shows." Those pages also marked the all-ages shows with asterisks and a footnote. Still, we regret that you had a bad experience.

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