Secret Storm

Enron Field has trouble keeping out the elements

We Want Bush!

Texas Monthly publisher Michael Levy is continuing his all-out assault to suck up as much as possible to George W. Bush.

There he was on the front page of the July 21 New York Times, saying, "I personally am starting to get offended" at Al Gore's unbelievable gall in pointing out that Texas basically sucks when it comes to immunizing its residents or protecting them from pollution.

Levy, the Times reported with the proper tone of condescending chuckling, has announced the formation of the Proud of Texas Committee, which has written letters saying that Texas is gosh-darn terrific when it comes to educating its children and keeping them healthy.

Levy has also donated $1,000 to Bush's presidential campaign, according to the governor's official Web site.

The Web site did not list "donations in kind," however, so we don't know the dollar value of glowing coverage in the pages of Texas Monthly.

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