Lady Belts the Blues

Marcia Ball signs with Alligator and gets a new groove on

The label has a history of supporting bluesy Texas piano players. It was less than a year ago, on September 9 in fact, that Houston-born Katie Webster, one of Alligator's best-known artists, passed away. Ball says she's up for the challenge of being the latest Texas pianist to pull up a bench at Alligator, the great blues label. After all, she says, all her artistic endeavors, whether boogie-woogie piano or poetry, should help her sing the blues.

"I've never been one to confine writing to my songs," Ball says. "Sometimes my poems eventually turn into song lyrics, sometimes into fiction, or sometimes they remain as little observations. I've always said writing is writing, no matter what. It's like saying I shouldn't play classical music on the piano anymore. All of your artistic expression feeds itself."

Though her dues-paying, baby-done-me-wrong days are long behind her, Ball has stored up enough memories for all the blues ballads Alligator could care to eat up.

Marcia Ball got the whole in her hands.
Johnny Medina
Marcia Ball got the whole in her hands.


$15 (713)629-3700
Performs Friday, August 11, and Saturday, August 12, at the Fabulous Satellite Lounge, 3616 Washington

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