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Houston media hit the GOP convention

That gets the Chron to seventh place. How does it get sixth?

The Chron wrote a story May 7 that showed the New York paper Newsday had a circulation of 552,937, which puts it just 525 papers behind the Chron. But according to the ABC report, Newsday's circulation is actually 575,595, well ahead of the Chron's. A Chronicle spokeswoman referred questions to the ABC.

That circulation chart, by the way, is not the only national journalism list on which the Chron finds itself lately. Those nasty folks at Forbes magazine have put together a list showing that our very own Chronicle is the largest daily paper in the country to never win a Pulitzer Prize. The Chron is 36 percent larger than the next-biggest non-Pulitzer paper.

Of course, Forbes's list did show USA Today at the top of the non-honored papers. But as the folks at 801 Texas know, that paper doesn't count.

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