Same As the Old Boss

A lack of Bush means a lack of news in Houston

As for the bizarre ad campaign, feel free to insert your own joke about a company that creates sites called or and then includes on those sites information about how its staffers are savvy, discerning and insightful. Maybe you just have to be really, really postmodernist hip to get the whole thing.

And as far as goes, maybe the Chron should take note that Rumor Has It that there is an alternative weekly in town called the Houston Press. In a lengthy front-page story August 15 on Roy Criner, the innocent man freed and pardoned after a decade in prison, the Chronicle somehow failed to mention that Criner's story was first brought to light by the Press. The next day's front-page follow-up cited only "attention in the local and national media." Papers such as The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post and USA Today have all credited reporter Bob Burtman's work, but it's apparently just a rumor to the local guys.

Correction of the Week

In the August 8 Chron: "Dallas-based Halliburton is not actively considering a move of its headquarters to Houston. A headline on a story on Page 1C in Saturday's Business section may have left the impression that it was."

The headline in question? "Halliburton Considering Moving Base: Company Once Again Weighs Houston for Its Headquarters."

May have left the impression?

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