Letters 09-14-2000

Blowing Smoke, Pay to Play, Ill Will

Sorry, I got on my soapbox. Keep writing. Get your articles out where they will be seen by the powers that be.

Evalyn Apple

Time heals: There is a need for a hospital that offers more than crisis stabilization. People who are suffering from mental illness need to heal, and that takes time. Some of the medications take weeks to work, and medicine is not all that is needed. Family therapy, problem solving, conflict resolution, and looking behind the behavior and seeing the person are all vital.

In the first two paragraphs of the story, you gave personal information that could cause Tim Ramey great prejudice and stigma. Should that have been kept private? Couldn't having the specifics of his ill behavior published for the world to read only hurt his chance to ever have a life? How about his loneliness, rejection and hurt?

Anne Hernandez
Houston Editor's note: Margaret Downing went into the specifics of Tim Ramey's background because that is what his mother discussed in stressing the seriousness of why she was so desperate to find good care for him.

Looking Fontastic

Clean and airy: I just wanted to drop you a note to say how much I like the new layout. The fonts are more attractive, especially those in detail paragraphs (e.g., restaurant listings). With a larger kerning in the typeface, the resulting text appears less cramped, is easier to read and has a clean look. Finally I can read the letters to the editor without squinting over my french fries. Even the four-column stories are airier. Kudos to whoever taught you the value of white space.

Rich Smith

Blind love: I must comment on the new design. I hate it.

I still love the Press, but you have made it harder to read and somewhat unappealing. The new design does not offer anything -- no readability, no modern design, no cutting-edge innovativeness. What gives?

Margie Beegle

Stand-up layout:Oh, yes, we noticed. I'm sure TV's Saturday Night Live gal who says, "Momma like, Momma like," would love the Press's new typographical changes and refreshing look. A new look for the new millennium; it's fitting.

"Groovy. Continue doing your thang, ladies and gents. Looking good."

This change is good.

James R. Willis Jr.

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