Jailhouse Crock

Spanish-language media cries foul over Railcar Killer interviews

"Accounts of the party, published in the Washington Post and Roll Call, have DeLay aides steamed," the Chronicle wrote. A DeLay aide told the paper that "a totally innocent thing has been blown terribly out of proportion."

The aide's account, as paraphrased by the Chron: "Ferro and a handful of friends and associates stayed behind as the party wound down. Ferro and a female colleague donned swimming togs and climbed into the hot tub. A lobbyist came onto the balcony and, after a brief exchange with Ferro and her colleague, dumped a glass of champagne over Ferro's head, then left."

Well, that explains everything.

We don't know why the Chronicle waited until Sunday to provide us with details of the event. Although, by doing so, it was able to run the column in the front section, with a separate story in the Metro section on DeLay addressing the Christian Worldview Conference at Houston Baptist University.

Any semblance of news in the speech to 400 folks was difficult to ascertain from the Chronicle story. Unless you count the fact that DeLay said his life changed when he read a religious book by Chuck Colson, of Watergate fame.

DeLay aides, we can assume, were not "steamed" about the Metro section article.

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