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Now our long nightmare is over. Robb Walsh knows food and knows how to write. Congratulations on finding him. George Alexander is pretty cool, too. His polysyllabic erudition adds the dash of humor that makes the recipe just right.

Charles K. White

Superb Before Shipping

How dare he:As a patron of La Estancia's, I feel that Robb Walsh was way off ["Immigration Problems," August 10]. Just because Mr. Walsh has been to Argentina and eaten its food, this does not give him the authority and/or enough knowledge to criticize this restaurant the way that he has.

I appreciate what the owners of La Estancia have done by bringing a bitof Argentina to Houston. I thought the lomo was incredible. Mr. Walsh cannot expect for this beef to come all the way from Argentina and retain the consistency it had before it was frozen and shipped. As far as the wine, I have been to several restaurants/bars and have seen the bartender begin to pour a drink with one bottle and top it off with another.

Can Mr. Walsh honestly expect Americans to pay big bucks for steak that is accompanied by fries? I have been to La Estancia several times and will continue to eat there.

Sonya Rodriguez

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