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The establishment's attack dog is muzzled, so far

That's the "rest of the story"? The piece also noted, "Texas has spent $600 million on colonias," a statement utterly without context.

And the "photo op" sound bite wasn't even the best Bomer quote on the situation. He was widely quoted elsewhere as demonstrating feel-your-pain politics, Bush-style, by saying, "You don't have to go to Alaska to know it's cold, and I don't think you have to go to colonias to know what it's like."

Suffragist City

We did a double take when we saw the front-page headline on the Saturday "bulldog" edition of the Sunday, October 22, Chronicle.

"Campaign 2000: Suburban Suffragists Emerge As Power Bloc," read the headline, over a piece about soccer moms.

"Suffragists"? Has anyone called women voters "suffragists" since the Warren G. Harding administration?

The headline was changed in later editions, to "Women Voters Emerge As Integral to Election." By that time, though, we had moved on to reading a story on the new horseless carriages Buick is putting out.

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