Like a Virgin

KPRC kicks off another mind-boggling sweeps month

There's some dispute as to whether Reiter was present when some of the protesters started calling specifically for Resendez to be fired. Reiter says he wasn't but that he's been told he's off the show.

Resendez says simply that Reiter's show will continue, and that "there are issues that need to be resolved, and one of them might be" Reiter.

The two plan to talk soon, they both say, in hopes of ironing things out.

Man of Honor

Houston's Museum of Printing History is holding its annual banquet on Thursday, November 9. Houston Chronicle chairman Richard J.V. Johnson serves on the event committee, and the paper is a big-bucks sponsor.

This banquet will honor a noted pornographer whose latest published work features graphic descriptions of kinky sex.

Larry Flynt? Nah. Apparently he was booked. Instead organizers had to settle for Kenneth Starr, of independent-counsel fame.

What Starr has to do with the history of printing is perhaps not blindingly obvious, although he surely did much to boost newspaper circulation.

But what better way for the Chronicle to give to the community than by honoring the man who courageously and endlessly pursued the antichrist that is Bill Clinton? Give to the Republican community, that is.

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