The Price of Perfection

Teuscher Chocolates of Switzerland

Anthony Butkovich
In a world fraught with ambiguity and doubt, one thing can be stated with absolute certainty: Teuscher champagne truffles are the finest chocolates on the planet. A buttercream core flavored with Dom Pérignon champagne is surrounded by a layer of exceptionally flavorful dark chocolate whipped with cream and butter; the whole is then covered with a layer of rich, luscious milk chocolate, and dusted with powdered sugar. Place a whole truffle in your mouth at once and let it melt slowly on the tongue into a glorious chocolate nirvana. Sure, they're a bit pricey at $50 a pound at Teuscher Chocolates of Switzerland [5085 Westheimer in the Galleria, (713)961-4032]. But hey, can you really put a price on perfection?
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