Too Close to Call

The Chron doesn't deliver, and brags about it

So it was no surprise when Channels 2 and 13 cut into regularly scheduled programming for breaking news. What was surprising, though, was the reason they broke into programming: to show live shots of some guy up to his thighs in a bayou, waiting for the cops to pull him out.

Helicopters documented every move of the putative drama, which consisted almost entirely of the man standing in the doorway of his SUV with a rope around his waist, waiting for instructions from the cops on the bayou bank. How he got his SUV in the bayou we weren't told, although we were assured that nonairborne reporters were on the way.

Eventually the guy miraculously moseyed on over to safety, as all of Houston let out a huge sigh of relief.

Only then could they turn back again to the other news of the day, none of which was delivered by pointless helicopter shots.

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