Potty Training

The Chron's annual fight against "smut" is on again

He says the main problem he sees with KTRH is that the station seems to have trouble getting listeners to stay tuned for long periods of time. They'll get a traffic or weather report, then hit another button on the radio.

"A lot of people come to us and they know what to get, but they don't stay," he says.

He'll take a couple of weeks before figuring out how best to address that. But for the moment, at least, he talks a good game when it comes to the importance of putting out a solid news product -- including spending to keep and hire newsroom staff.

If he can just get rid of the car-crash sound effect that introduces each traffic report, he'll already have made giant strides in our book.

Tune In Tonight

KPRC-TV continues to assault viewers with hyperventilating advertisements promoting their latest sweeps-month news pieces.

On November 13, radio listeners heard this: "He sees dead people: A psychic in Houston claims that he can commune with the dead. Skeptical? He'll make a believer out of you!"

We watched. He didn't.

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