Bayou City Beat-up

Things get ugly as longtime Fox reporter Lloyd Gite leaves

The reporter says he contacted all the establishments photographed for the report, but not those on the list.

He says his report focused on the Health Department's inability to deal with repeat offenders, but the story never said the repeat offenders on the list were guilty of the rats-roaches-flies-filth thing as opposed to other infractions. "There was no attempt to make that impression.I can't tell you what everyone who saw it thought, but we were careful to separate the two things so that people wouldn't get the wrong idea," he says.

Midtown Bagels was taken off the Web site list after Busker called city inspectors and asked them to come out again and give him a clean bill of health.

"Our Web page went up, and he screamed and yelled," Kovaleski says. "And that was the purpose of our investigation -- he got some publicity and got the problems fixed. I think what he did was awesome."

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