Mind Games, Bad Form, Executioner's Wrong

The folks at Clear Channel Communications should take a hint and stop simulcasting oldies on 97.1 FM. They should format it to play music they wouldn't normally play on their other local stations. If they need someone to run this station, they can contact me.

Jason Smith

Write On

Skateboard sage: I no longer live in Houston, but I still read the Houston Press via the Internet. I'm 24 and grew up and lived in the downtown area for 23 of those years ["NoDo Invades, Rebels Skirmish," by Steven Long, October 5]. I remember when downtown started to transform from just a place to skateboard to an actual place to go out for an evening. I like what is happening there. It was a place to go to get away from the Westheimer/Richmond fraternity party.

It reminds me of the book Catcher in the Rye, when Holden Caulfield is at his little sister's school and he sees that someone has written FUCK YOU on the wall. No matter what, if you find something nice or something fun, eventually someone is going to come along and write a big FUCK YOU on it.

Ross Ethridge
Kurnach, Germany

From Walls to Calls

No hang-ups: I use my cell phone all the time ["Hell Phone," by George Alexander, November 16]. I use it at the grocery store, the library (very subdued there, though) and anywhere else I feel like it. If someone does not like my talking on my phone on my time, then fuck 'em.

Kathy Sanders

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