Mono-Poly Wars, Donald's Demise, Holy Hypocrisy

We are not a Christian nation; in fact, our forefathers came here to pursue religious freedom. Our country's greatness is strengthened by our diversity.

Our schools and other public institutions must send a clear message to students and parents. There is room for us all as long as there is respect. May all of us realize that prayer can be said anytime and anywhere without it becoming a public matter. To just mouth the words of tolerance without living them daily in our schools is talking the talk without walking the walk. That's hypocrisy, and kids know it when they encounter it.

Sandy Lessig
Sugar Land

Urban tripod: It's Saturday night in downtown Houston, and the driver of a three-wheel car negotiates the streets with caution and a certain bit of flair.
Deron Neblett
Urban tripod: It's Saturday night in downtown Houston, and the driver of a three-wheel car negotiates the streets with caution and a certain bit of flair.

Covenant Crusader

The kid's wrong: I recently read this story about this so-called transsexual, and I am sorry, all you have is a mixed-up kid who has no clue what he wants ["A Diva in the Making," by Melissa Hung, November 16]. He is a he and not a she.

I am appalled at the way they talked about Covenant House. As a former resident who had Ronda Robinson as a counselor in 1983, I know that it never imposed such guidelines. Covenant House was there for me. They took me in when I had nowhere to go. They fed me, clothed me and helped me establish myself, and for that I am thankful. This mixed-up kid needs to seek some therapy.

I can't believe this newspaper even gave the time of day to this joke of a person. Talk to me if you want to know the real truth about Covenant House, and not to some spoiled little brat who doesn't appreciate what someone is doing to try to help him.

Timothy W. Coman

Group Grope?

Mental health headway: The consumer members of the Houston Area Mental Health Advocates, Inc. (HAMHA) thank you for your comprehensive article regarding MHMRA of Harris County's profound service delivery difficulties, as well as its relationship to the Mental Health Needs Council and the Mental Health Association ["Catch Us If You Can," by Brian Wallstin and Margaret Downing, November 9].

As a member of the Adult Mental Health Planning Advisory Council of MHMRA and an honorary member of the Mental Health Needs Council, HAMHA has worked to strengthen the consumer voice in Harris County with regard to mental health service deficiencies. Your article provided a rare and wonderful opportunity for consumers to broadcast their concerns.

To clarify the issue of low SSI/Medicaid claim approval rate, MHMRA of Harris County has implemented an SSI Service Coordination pilot that promises to improve the documentation of functional limitation information of consumers in the disability application process.

I hope the Houston Press continues to examine the public mental health services system that indigent consumers so greatly depend on.

Kristi Huddleson, HAMHA president

Urban Bungle

Class act: Very nicely done, Lisa ["Street Scenes," by Lisa Gray, November 23].

Lorna Owens

Burp Guns

Chicken-fried heaven: Your writer ["Deep-Fried Greenhorn," by George Alexander, November 30] apparently has never been to Dirty's on Durham off I-10. If he had, he would understand the greatness of the chicken-fried steak. It also shows that Georgie is a sissy non-Texan, because anyone that says this is not a true delicacy of the great state of Texas must be a pussy -- or on a diet.

As a native Houstonian, I can give you a list of places that serve a "true" genius CFS, and the FM 1960 place your punk writer mocked was the best one for CFS in the state. It was outside Tomball, and it was called Goodson's Cafe; not the place called Goodson's now, but a small shack in the middle of nowhere. Sorry, dude, Ma Goodson didn't make it till 2000 to serve the likes of you.

This is the town that made Urban Cowboy a great movie and where you can enjoy a good meal of chicken-fried steak, mashed potatoes, green beans and a cold beer. The Paris eateries may not panic, but it's good to us!

David W. Dealy

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