The Big Score

A roving band of young men took to the streets of Montrose, committing more than 20 armed robberies in one week, police say. One guy was shot. No one was killed. A lot of people were terrified. Most times, the robbers' "loot" was a couple of bucks.

"Kendrell don't have reason to do nothing like that," she says. Kendrell is the youngest of five children. One of his older sisters is a nurse at Ben Taub Hospital, and his other siblings are managers at separate McDonald's. They give him money whenever he needs it, and his mom gives him $40 out of every paycheck.

Kendrell's being held on a $30,000 bond. His family is trying to scrape together the money to bring him home. His room doesn't look like a teenager's room. The walls are blank except for a few pictures of clowns and some mother-of-pearl flowers. A bag of his baby niece's toys sits in the corner. In the living room, right beside the front door, Kendrell hung his autographed poster of the late DJ Screw. It says, "Screwed for life."

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