A Holiday Wish

All he wants for Christmas is to pump iron

Some guys might get a kick out of the publicity, or at least the inevitable good-natured joshing, but Wragge ain't laughing. "I am not some joke, nor is she, and we will not be perceived that way," he says. "And any of my friends know that and wouldn't bring the subject up."

Chill, guy. You don't want to end up like David Feuer, going ballistic over the vagaries of magazine distribution.

Like a Virginian

The December 3 Houston Chronicle featured a wire story with this headline: "Drivers' Attention on Everything Else: Virginians Eat, Use Phone, Even Shave, Survey Says."

The accompanying story went on to say that a survey of 600 Virginians by Progressive Insurance showed that motorists ate, used the phone, even shaved while they were driving.

Fascinating enough, we guess, if we were planning to drive through Virginia.

But if the Chron was determined to run a story about a survey by Progressive Insurance on driving habits, why not one about Texas?

The company sent out releases tailored to various states in October. A survey that featured the driving habits of Texas drivers -- including a section focusing entirely on Houstonians -- was sent to major and minor media outlets. One would presume that includes the Chron.

In case you're interested, Texans are more likely than Virginians to eat, use the phone or even shave while driving.

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