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Mattress Mac's bowl was a joke everywhere but Houston

"Viewed by skeptics as little more than a pretty face," Walt wrote, "expectations of Rick Perry were low, at least according to one senator. But with the recent close of the 140-day lawmaking marathon, Perry's first -- and perhaps his only -- session at the helm of the Texas Senate has earned him high praise from Democrats and Republicans alike.… At 49, this former state representative, state agriculture commissioner, Air Force pilot and die-hard Aggie is the first Republican to serve as lieutenant governor in 100 years.…With the session now behind him, Perry says it was a successful one, even historic with the passage of record increases in school funding and in tax cuts for businesses and consumers. But Perry does not claim personal credit for the victories."

The Houston Chronicle, December 23, 2000: Rick Perry, the new governor of Texas, announces his staff. His press secretary: Kathy Walt, former Chronicle reporter.

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