Celebrate Good Times

The Bush inaugural is a wonderful, wonderful thing

"A lot of it came about not because these were awful people, it was because when we consolidated we had five people for something where we needed only one or two," Charles says. "It led to some really, really hard choices."

Among the easier choices, taking effect January 29: No longer will traffic reports be introduced by the sound effects of blaring car horns and a collision. "If you're driving in your car, you don't want to hear that," he says.

Heaven Forfend

The bluebloods in Boston were in an absolute dither recently when one of their local TV stations went live with helicopter coverage of a police chase. Only one station did so, but it earned rebukes from critics such as Mark Jurkowitz of The Boston Globe.

"Several observers," Jurkowitz wrote January 18, "said yesterday they thought this was the first time a Boston station had ever aired a live highway chase, which is a staple of television news in places like Los Angeles and Texas."

Whoa there, feller. We don't know about no Los Angeles, but here in Texas we just have us a bunch of stations aimin' to inform the public. And if they choose to do so by a-showin' inconsequential police chases instead of City Hall reporting, well, that's their God-given right.

When's the last time Harvard was in the Cotton Bowl, anyway?

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