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KPRC uses the IRS for this month's sweeps giveaway

But leave it to Robertson to provide the over-the-top touches necessary in all local reporting about McNair. "When pressed, McNair admits he and [his wife] Janet have given some $100 million to the causes closest to their expansive hearts," he wrote, before moving on to his Big Finish:

"Ruce McNair, grateful simply to have a job when so many didn't in 1937, never did leave [his employer] Sunshine Biscuits. But he always encouraged Bob to shoot straight and aim high. 'All I can do,' McNair said, surveying the weather-beaten, ramshackle homes around him before his group left for its luxury digs, 'is thank God that I was born in America. I don't think this could have happened anywhere else.' "

Regular services at the Church of McNair are held each Sunday in the column of NFL beat writer John McClain. On Holy Days such as Super Bowls, or the Day of Announcement (either of the team name or team uniform design), services are held at various columns throughout the paper.

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