Booster Shot

A proposed Medical Center project gets big, big play

He says KPRC had previously planned a 15-minute rodeo special for that Tuesday-night slot, and substituted the Hooks special. The 15-minute chunk of the 10 p.m. news preceding the special will, indeed, be included in the monthly average, he says.

A Wealth of Love

It was a great moment in local news broadcasting that we missed: Channel 13's hard-hitting sweeps-month investigation by Cynthia Hunt on how to find and marry a rich man.

One of our readers saw it, though, and he e-mailed KTRK to complain. "I'm male, and finding independent women (which are the only females I consider women) in Houston will now be harder, thanks to you. Many saw your report, and some who might have been on the edge of gold-digging were probably convinced by Ms. Hunt's report to go for that lazy, stagnant practice she upheld with her flashy smile….Ms. Hunt either believes in hunting down moneyed trophy men, which is sad, or she doesn't, which makes her an untruthful reporter."

No word on whether he's gotten a reply to his missive.

Speaking of gold-digging, the Freudian slip of the month goes to KPRC's Khambrel Marshall, who was introducing a piece on the Anna Nicole Smith trial recently. Smith, Marshall informed us, took the stand that day "to answer charges that she was a grave-digger."

Pretty damn close to the truth, actually.

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