Debra the Driven, Remember the Main, Inspirational Tune

I would hope that the school board would step in and award the student her trip to Washington, D.C. In my opinion, she has earned it and deserves it. I also feel that disciplinary action should be taken against the staff that would change rules in midstream because they disagreed with her poem.

Sarah Tipton
Walters, Oklahoma

Mom knows best: I would like to commend Kamilah Duggins on her fine writing in this article. Although (as her mother) I am slightly partial to the young lady in the story, Kamilah did an excellent job and was an inspiration to Leah in furthering her hopes of becoming a journalist.

Bayousphere Marking time: Usher Rose Williams at the "Watch" service on New Year's Eve at Holman Street Baptist Church.
Deron Neblett
Bayousphere Marking time: Usher Rose Williams at the "Watch" service on New Year's Eve at Holman Street Baptist Church.

Thank you.

Michele Monical Caldwell

Effluent Influence

Sock it to Rock: Proceeding on the assumption that Melanie Haupt's blowtorching of Kid Weak ["Kid Stuff," February 8] was not some obtuse, postmodern attempt at irony, I must wholeheartedly congratulate her. It is uniquely satisfying to have my thoughts crystallized on the whole über-bad-vibe experience embodied by the troglodytic "Kid."

America is gorging itself on a cultural diet supersaturated with cynicism, and then has the nerve to wrinkle its nose at the resulting flatulent stench. We live in a shit engine of our own manufacture.

Haupt has the brass to call crap crap, regardless of how many times it previously has been misidentified as "happening" or "edgy." And dangerous work it is, considering how unfashionable it is these days to be anything other than coolly urbane and blasé in response to coarse, low-rent dreck parading around in the guise of "challenging" work or harmless in-your-face pop-culture high jinks.

Get Melanie a fresh scalpel, Kid Rock some fresh cash-upholstered Huggies, and me some psychoanalysis for my fixation on scatological metaphors.

Brian Bell

Haupt-in-stance: Congratulations to the Houston Press on hiring Melanie Haupt and printing her articles. Her words on Kid Rock are an inspiration to all who have been subjected to his presence yet have not had the forum or the talent to express themselves this eloquently. Thank you, Melanie.

Frank Bullington

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