Mystery Code

Alvin ISD exempts conscientious objectors from dress code rules. But nobody can get that exemption.

Students who violate the code are given three warnings. After that, they must serve in-school suspension. If a student continues to disobey the code, the additional breaches are considered insubordination and the student will be transferred to an alternative school program, Roberts says.

Davis says her children have been good students but have now missed class time for minor dress code problems. Students who forget their belts are made to wear rope or ribbon instead, she says, and she is concerned that teachers spend too much time policing instead of teaching.

"How is not wearing a belt going to prevent you from being educated?" she says.

Roberts declined to comment on how standardized dress improved academics, saying only that the school board had its reasons but that he didn't know what they were.

Meanwhile, Davis says the district is picking on her family. AISD police slapped her with a criminal trespass warning after she visited Alvin High School to turn in her exemption. She stopped on her way to the principal's office to talk to some students who did not know they could apply for an exemption. So she gave them a copy of her own.

On Monday last week, she withdrew Katie from AISD, too.

"It was a hard decision, since my other ones are still in the district," Davis says. "I have to continue fighting for public schools because what they are doing is wrong….I understand their point of view, but it's just a Band-Aid solution that solves nothing."

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