Energy Rules

The Chronicle performs a boosterism triple play

The site does offer links to recipes and lifestyle items featured on Hunt's Sunday-morning show.

Hunt appears to be on the cutting edge here in Houston, but she's not alone: KPRC has registered domain names for many of its on-air personalities, such as and There's nothing on the sites yet, but a spokeswoman for, which handled the filing, says more and more stations and personalities across the country are paying the $35 a year it takes to register.

Sometimes it's just a preventative step to discourage domain "poachers."

"You get people who register the name of an on-air personality and then try to sell it back to them, and even though it's illegal it can be a pain in the ass to deal with," says Shanna Keogan of

Still available to the public: and www.Justice-DolcefinoStyle!.com.

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