Right-Wing Revolt

Local conservative talk radio lives to rant again

As we've noted before, Barron somehow thinks that because Nantz went to the University of Houston, the city is just dying to find out how he feels about upcoming broadcasts on his network. And anything else that pops into his mind.

Just in the past year, we've been told, "Don't bother calling Jim Nantz for Super Bowl tickets. He doesn't have any." It was an item about how Nantz doesn't have any spare ducats, but he does have a terrific upcoming pregame piece on Buffalo Bills kicker Scott Norwood.

We also learned that he thought NBC "did a fine job" on the Sydney Olympics, apropos of nothing much, and that an upcoming local golf tournament would be great even if it had no good players. "Shell Houston Open: Nantz -- Lack of Star Power Not End of TV World," the headline read.

We can't wait for this week's preview of the Final Four. We're guessing it will be a great matchup.

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