Quoth the Chron

The Chronicle runs out another inept marketing campaign

"So you say the field for today's Houston Open is a mere Shell of itself? I say sure, it could be better….So Tiger is not on the menu. Sure, we'll all miss him, but that doesn't mean, as [golfer Billy Ray] Brown put it, that the remaining SHO menu has been reduced to 'chopped liver.' "

The year before that, it was golf beat writer Eddie Sefko's turn to carry the torch.

"Let the weekend's events at the Doral-Ryder Open be a lesson to all of us when we feel inclined to whine about the strength of the field at the Shell Houston Open or any other tournament," he wrote. "It's not the number of stars you get into your field that makes a tournament great. It's the drama that unfolds along the way that makes it fun."

Sure, some tournaments' drama may be provided by stars, and other tournaments' drama may come from someone "who just got his playing privileges last year at the qualifying school," Sefko wrote. "Does it really matter? Fans still get to see golf played at its highest level."

Dammit, we should be happy Tiger didn't show up. He'd just ruin everything.

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