Bright Lights, Bridge City

The PC Cowboys, the world's only politically correct country band, speak in a Press exclusive

HF:That's true. Long before -- I'm not namin' any British rock bands named Def Leppard -- we had the first band with a one-armed drummer. We had to kick him out of the band repeatedly for drinkin' too much.

TS:If you've seen our show, you know that is a seriousdrinkin' problem.

HF: That's when Betty Ford says, "Dude, can't help ya."

TS:I think his last guest shot was about a year or so back. He did a killer solo. It was so on the edge that he didn't hit one single drum. Didn't even pick up a stick. It was so out there.

HF: That's usually 'cause he has a Scotch in one hand and… and… that's the only hand.

HP:Something else that has always fascinated me about your status as the world's only PC country band is your unique method of touring.

TS:Well, you know we don't have a tour bus. We lost our truck in a freak accident. Kept the GemTop, though.

HF: So we tour on foot. Again, environmentally sensitive.

TS: So we don't really get a chance to gig as much as we'd like. I mean, that show we did in Beaumont on New Year's Day was our last gig. We just got back here to Houston today. Walkin' with that GemTop is not easy.

HP: I imagine if the walls of that GemTop could talk, there'd be some stories.

TS:Not really, 'cause they're really short walls. It's a GemTop. It's more the quips, the little one-liners when it talks.

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