Salad Daze

A chef and a produce grower get into a pissing match over ten pounds of greens

Tycer acknowledges leaving the voice mail. Still, both parties agree he paid for only the six pounds he had ordered for the restaurant, and refused to pay for the ten pounds of greens earmarked for the charity event. "I composted the ten pounds," Tycer says. "They wilted before I could use them."

Restaurant publicist Dick Dace, who donates his services to the Chef's Collaborative 2000, comments that "Houston is a very small town in this respect. People who don't honor commitments they have made to charity events will find themselves blacklisted -- forever."

Waters's assessment in the end was less ominous. "I have wonderful, wonderful customers, and I can choose whom I do business with. I am not selling my greens to Aries."

Meanwhile, Robert Del Grande, Tim Keating and Mark Cox, chefs who did attend the Garden Party event in a professional capacity, can rest easy, knowing that if their brains were to catch fire…

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