A Time to Remember

Born in a city quick to bury its past, Sandi Wisenberg still grapples with her own

Her mother said the kaddish for him, reciting the mourner's prayer twice a day for 11 months. She is a conservative Jew; Sandi's Judaism is more complicated, cultural but not religious. She teaches a class called "Writing Your Jewish Identity," and in a way, that's what Sandi often does with her own writing: She figures out what it means to be who she is.

She said the prayer for her father a few times, but not twice a day, not for 11 months. Now she thinks that wasn't enough.

Wisenberg's Passover is more personal than historic.
Marc Pokempner
Wisenberg's Passover is more personal than historic.


The Sweetheart Is In: Stories by S.L. Wisenberg is published by Triquarterly Books/Northwestern University Press. To read other works, go to www.slwisenberg.com.

Since his death, she returns to Houston at Passover and leads the seder by herself. A holiday of remembrance, in a city of forgetting.

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