A Time to Remember

Born in a city quick to bury its past, Sandi Wisenberg still grapples with her own

Her mother said the kaddish for him, reciting the mourner's prayer twice a day for 11 months. She is a conservative Jew; Sandi's Judaism is more complicated, cultural but not religious. She teaches a class called "Writing Your Jewish Identity," and in a way, that's what Sandi often does with her own writing: She figures out what it means to be who she is.

She said the prayer for her father a few times, but not twice a day, not for 11 months. Now she thinks that wasn't enough.

Wisenberg's Passover is more personal than historic.
Marc Pokempner
Wisenberg's Passover is more personal than historic.

Since his death, she returns to Houston at Passover and leads the seder by herself. A holiday of remembrance, in a city of forgetting.

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