Does Not Compute

Loopholes still hamper electronic reporting of campaign finances

"Money makes the world go round in Austin," McDonald concludes.

Local Luddite Lawmakers

According to Texans for Public Justice, here are the state officeholders from the Houston area who claim to not use computers in tracking campaign contributions and spending. That exempts them from the new law requiring electronic filing of such information.

Sen. Mario Gallegos, Dem.
Sen. Jon Lindsay, GOP
Sen. William Callegari, GOP
Rep. Harold Dutton, Dem.
Rep. Joe Nixon, GOP
Rep. Talmadge Heflin, GOP
Rep. Joe Crabb, GOP
Rep. Kevin E. Bailey, Dem.
Rep. Al Edwards, Dem.

Area Luddite JudgesCharles Seymore, GOP, 14th Court
Timothy Taft, GOP, First Court
Murry Cohen, GOP, First Court
Paul C. Murphy, GOP, 14th Court

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