Off the "X", Beaching Out, The Low Down

A man also must have written The Insider [by Tim Fleck, June 14], "Welcome Home, You're Busted!" What exactly does it mean to keep writing that these women are "man-hungry" and looking for "eligible" males?

I am a very busy single woman and have no interest in wasting time on men, and I don't enjoy reading senseless things that perpetuate the ridiculous idea that all women are man-crazy and sex-mad. It is difficult enough to get rid of stupid, aggressive men, and they don't need any encouragement by the Press to fuel their dwarfed dreams that women are eager to be annoyed by them.

The Houston Press has many good articles by many good writers. Lisa Gray comes to mind. "Raw Roots" [by Carol Flake Chapman, June 14] was very interesting, and "Blind Faith" [by Steve McVicker, June 14] was touching.

The back pages of your paper dedicated to ads offering sex for sale to men are testimony to how undesirable men really are. The women may be money-hungry, but I doubt they are man-hungry. And it is against the law to shoot and barbecue a man. And anyway, I doubt they would be fit to eat.

Jenny Jesse Smith

Post Mortem

TV blues: I read your media column all the time. I love the fact that somebody has the guts to tell the truth when it comes to the ridiculous stuff that takes place in newsrooms across Houston.

I mean, let's be real: What person would call himself a news director and approve that pathetic stuff Cynthia Hunt does when it comes to bagging a rich man or woman [News Hostage, by Richard Connelly, May 17]? How in the hell is that news?

And keep on busting the chops of the Houston Chronicle. The saddest days I have are going into the store and not having the option to buy The Houston Post.

It's important that someone keep a watchful eye on the media. It's amazing how we seem to comment on everything else in the world, yet no one reports on the asinine things we do. Some media folks don't like the cold, hard truth, but I do. Someone has to keep us honest and on our toes.

Roland S. Martin
Cedar Hill

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