Not all pirates are bad

His plans for the future start small and wind up a little grandiose. He hopes to have a coffee shop operational at the Fairview location by this fall. There patrons can watch as the DJs do their stuff in the back corner. There will be no booth for the jocks, no glass wall to separate audience and fans. From there, Martin hopes to expand to Dallas and Austin, then New York and/or L.A. -- and then the world. In Martin's future world, all cities would provide live content for the radio network, even simultaneously. (Surfers could click on a variety of programs at the same earthwire home page.) As Martin reasons, "On the Internet, it's always prime time somewhere."

As a computer programmer, Martin is certainly tech-savvy enough to pull this off. But Racket wonders about the humanity end. Will Libertarian/ anarchist folks in all these cities come together enough to share Web space under one name? Especially if it wasn't their idea? Radio Montrose was riven by dissent of this sort, as is KPFT. Will all of these pirates ever sail under one flag, or will they inevitably mutiny?

Racket is skeptical this will work, but hopeful it can.

Scuttlebutt Caboose

Budding Toulouse-Lautrecs would do well to slap on their top hats and monocles and hit the Mucky Duck on Friday, July 13. That's when Theatre A-Muck will host "An Evening at Le Moulin Rouge" to honor Bastille Day. Hillary Hall, a.k.a. Madame Faux Pas, is the star of an evening featuring "new musical numbers of skirt-lifting proportions!" The soiree also will feature solos and duets by Kimberly Line, David Siller and Brian Domning, cancans choreographed by Line, and a performance by the Brothel Beauties: Amy Morris, Debra Nix-Frame, Lisa Line and Christina Loescher. Bring your own absinthe…The Traders Village Summer Concert Series continues with Lady D & The TX Tornadoes on Saturday, July 14, and the Dragon Men on Sunday, July 15. As the summer continues into the homestretch, look for such acts as Guppies from Outer Space, Roy Carrier and Mary Thomas, Bayou Roux and the Grateful Geezers to headline at the flea market on the northwest side…Sound Exchange's jazz/improvised music series also continues this week with a performance by Philip Gayle on mandolin and waterphone, Barbara Rose Lange on viola, and Ben Lind's vocals. After their set, there will be an open session…The Texas Chapter for Recorded Sound Collections will present "Size Matters" or "My Records Are Bigger Than Your Records" on Thursday, July 19, in the community room at Whole Foods Market at 4004 Bellaire Boulevard. If you have something more than a big 12-inch (record of your favorite blues, or whatever) that you would like to hear played, haul 'em on down. Examples of such hefty records include radio transcriptions. Joe Salerno will host, and interested parties should RSVP to 713-462-3596 and leave a message…Todd Silva will release his CD Consider at The Vintage Bar (4356 Westheimer) on Saturday, July 14, at 9 p.m. A portion of the gate will be donated to environmental charities.

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