Stupid Pet Tricks

A retired judge wanted to rid his lakefront home of raccoons. But bowls of meat swimming in antifreeze take care of a lot more than those pesky animals.

"He'll get his punishment when he faces a higher power," Ledwell says. "There's someone he's got to answer to."

An old man just trying to get rid of a problem does something exceedingly thoughtless and dangerous. He's incredibly lucky that he doesn't have the death of a young child on his conscience -- a child who could have just as easily crawled under that cool deck and been drawn to the green liquid.

Corey Ledwell took Hilda with him on Gerda's final trip.
Margaret Downing
Corey Ledwell took Hilda with him on Gerda's final trip.

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A young man loses a prized companion and spins like an out-of-control gyroscope for a while before setting himself to rights. Law enforcement says it can't fix it. Truth is, nobody can fix it. Maybe the best to hope for is that people could be just a bit more caring and a lot less stupid. But then, that's asking a lot, though, isn't it?

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