You've Got Killer Mail

Who's the "Railcar" slayer writing to now? Inside Houston magazine.

Enjoy it for a year or so, at any rate. Until those guys from Chicago start complaining.

Bare Necessities

It's not a sweeps month, but that isn't stopping KRIV from flexing its T-and-A muscles, according to one viewer's report.

The Fox station's July 26 prime-time broadcast featured a consumer report comparing the effectiveness of self- tanning lotions, the pale person's equivalent of that spray-can coloring that's supposed to cover bald spots.

The Fox station in St. Louis did the same thing last month; they had one of their producers and an intern serve as test subjects.

That wasn't good enough for Channel 26. Instead, they headed out to a local Hooters and got a posse of scantily clad waitresses to further the cause of science. The viewer who wrote us passed along pictures, and unless he doctored them, the investigation of self-tanning lotions involves lots of close-ups of legs and chests.

We're just glad Fox was willing to do the job.

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