Sumpin' Filthy

Local punker/chef Filthy McNasty is the Ginuwine article

As for his music, he likes to meld his soulful yelps with hard-core hip-hop samples. Working mostly with a BOSS SP-202 Mr. Sample, he often acquires beats produced by Wu-Tang Clan overlord RZA, and creates hooks and verses to go along with them. A die-hard Wu disciple, McManus delves for the different. "Some of them are lifted from [lesser-known]Wu-Tang records," he says. "It's not so bouncy. It's dark[er], and that's what I'm more interested in. Dude, nobody brought the U-God record. But I have it, and there's some awesome songs on it."

While McManus doesn't take the whole Filthy McNasty thing too seriously, he would like to see where he could go with it. And he certainly doesn't want people to think he's another Michael Bolton ripping off righteous soul music. "I know it's not really my forte or whatever," he says. "I don't wanna come out like somebody that says, like, he's listened to this kind of shit all his life. It's something I enjoy, but I know that I'm part of a completely different rock realm. If I tried to play it completely straight, people would think it's a joke."

Filthy McNasty brings you nothing but love.
Filthy McNasty brings you nothing but love.

Whether performing with a poker face or an eyebrow snarkily arched, McManus does turn it out whenever he puts on the Filthy McNasty face. While he hopes one day to release a full-length Filthy McNasty album, for now he's content to entertain club audiences with his humor and, he stresses, his musicianship. "I want people to come away with, 'That was pretty funny, but it fuckin' kicked my ass!' " he says. "It's like, 'The dude's funny, but he's also got some fuckin' pipes!' I don't want them to go away completely thinking, 'He should do that at the Laff Stop -- that shit's hysterical!' "

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