Letting Go

HISD settles with parents over CEP punishments

In a letter to the House Public Education Committee inquiries about CEP and HISD, the reason for the 180-day assignment is restated. The memo is dated March 29.

Yet in its court papers, after arguing at length that the 180-day sentence is justified and legal, the suit asserts that "HISD does not have a mandatory 180-day referral policy." While placements as a rule are for 180 days, "Luis Gavito, the alternative district principal is aware of students whose placement terms have been less."

After the sad day in court complete with Vogel's tactical error, the B&P attorney had to take the case back to the school board. They went into executive session; there were about five of them in there and Shadwick was absent, one onlooker says. One of those in the session was Larry Marshall, who makes $72,000 a year as a consultant for CEP, besides being a board member. He has said on several occasions there is no conflict of interest with him working for CEP because he never votes on CEP matters.

Brenda Jones says a judge found that HISD wasn't following its own disciplinary handbook.
Deron Neblett
Brenda Jones says a judge found that HISD wasn't following its own disciplinary handbook.

Yet on this date he was in on the executive session. And he could be heard through the door saying he could not vote on this matter, but he could give his input as an individual. He then was heard to advise the board to "put this behind us as soon as possible," the onlooker says.

Well, some people would say Larry Marshall's presence in that executive session was an outrageous conflict of interest. They'd be right, too. But it seems like HISD has done a lot of outrageous, poorly thought out actions since it began waltzing down that path with CEP. Hey, folks, something smells. And like mold and asbestos, HISD can't cover that up forever.

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