One for the Geezers

Former staffers line up to testify against KHOU

The "Sexual Health" page of this month's issue, however, features the screaming headline "Over 80 Percent of Women Masturbate." The article features mugshots and capsule comments from nine women extolling what the nuns used to call self-abuse. "Cynthia, 32," an executive assistant from Baltimore, says, "It helps me recharge when I don't have time to go to the gym."

"Jessica, 24," a New York public relations executive, chirps that "It's a great remedy for menstrual cramps."

And then there's "Brenda, 24." She's described as an editor from Houston.

"I use masturbation as a substitute for sex," she says. "I don't have a boyfriend, so knowing that I can go home and masturbate at the end of the night keeps me from getting involved with men who I shouldn't."

Thanks for sharing, sister.

We wouldn't say that many in the local journalistic community are buzzing over who "Brenda" is because that would be an awful pun. Not to mention that a lot of folks don't read Marie Claire to begin with.

But she's published work in the Chronicle, the Houston Press, and several of those glossy magazines that pop up over town.

She apparently keeps very busy. Idle hands being the devil's workshop and all.

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