Zoned Out

The biggest Houston postal "improvement" ever has cut 400 jobs -- and snarled mail delivery

The company handles over 200 accounts, including those for several municipal utility districts. Governing boards for those districts meet only once a month, so a missed bill means delays of 30 days or longer before directors can authorize a check for payment.

Jarmon says the problems are now being worked out. They've been irritating, but not nearly as frustrating to her as the search for answers to the disruption of the mail service.

Postal supervisors, she says, tried to argue that the company simply didn't have any mail sent to it on the days when none arrived, or that there were no problems. At one point a postal manager told her there simply wasn't any carrier assigned to that route, an explanation that was later retracted.

Office manager Jarmon couldn't accept the postal explanations.
Deron Neblett
Office manager Jarmon couldn't accept the postal explanations.

Most troubling to her is that the postal service appeared not to know what was going on -- and didn't really care. She concluded, "They all seem to be very confused over there."

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