Phuz Tones

Local Filipino-American band takes its lush sounds on the road with Sade

"The original intent of the song is encased in a powerful melody," says Dea. "When you strip down a good song, its timelessness and fabulous quality is in the melody. That's what enables a song to become engraved in your memory."

Unlike most guitar-driven bands, Phuz's neo-romantic melodies truly shine. On tunes like "Cry," there's a triumphant message in the lyrics. "It's not that everything is sunny," claims Dea. "But if you trip and fall, get up, get going. No sense of spending your life on the floor. It's like picking a window to look through. Pick a window that gives you hope."

The view out that window is certainly sunny these days. Phuz was nominated in the Best New Act and Best Funk/R&B categories of the Press Music Awards. And getting booked as an opening act for name performers like Sade establishes the band's national credentials.

Phuz: As their hair got shorter, their sounds got lighter.
Phuz: As their hair got shorter, their sounds got lighter.

The group has returned home for a few days to see family and to celebrate the release of its new CD, Water. Then it's back up north to finish the Sade tour. "Elevating our level to this point has taken a lot of work and support from many people," says Dea. "I'm not doing it alone. Other people are picking up the stuff that I miss because I'm moving so fast."

"The important thing is we're enjoying ourselves," she sums up. "I think our fans can hear that in our music."

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