Driving Miss D.A.-isy

A ride-along girlfriend and erroneous testimony taint a DWI squad case

The police investigation ultimately rejected Kiatta's perjury accusations, declaring them unfounded. However, Michael Graham, the captain of the Internal Affairs Division, concluded in a letter to Kiatta that Bellamy violated some aspects of the department's ride-along program. Graham wrote that there was enough evidence to prove allegations that Bellamy didn't demonstrate sound judgment or proper conduct. Graham declined to comment to the Press.

Kiatta did not let the matter stop there. He asked the district attorney's office to investigate his allegations of perjury against Bellamy. Philip Grant, an assistant D.A. in the public integrity division, says he found no evidence that the officer lied under oath.

"Officers make hundreds of these arrests a year, and for us to expect every police officer to recall every single fact and detail just isn't practical," he says. "I don't think there was any evidence whatsoever that would support any kind of proof that it was an intentional misstatement."

Kiatta finds little comfort in such words.

Bellamy "lies under oath, and nobody seems to care," Kiatta says. "That bothers me."

The determined lawyer says he intends to ask a grand jury to investigate.

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