German culture has been a part of Houston for well over a century

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Houston rapper and, it must be said, two-time unofficial Houston Press Music Awards "Grand Champion" South Park Mexican was arrested late last month on charges of aggravated sexual assault of a child. The rapper's real name is Carlos Coy. The alleged crime occurred over a year ago, when the alleged victim -- who is not related to Coy -- was all of nine years old. So far, police have been tight-lipped about the incident, as is always the case when the victim is so young. But the charges are immensely serious. According to HPD's sex crimes Web site, a sexual assault becomes a first-degree felony "if the victim is younger than 14 years of age, regardless of consent, or if the offense involves any elements, such as serious bodily injury, fear of death or serious bodily injury, kidnapping, use of a weapon, etc., that would constitute aggravated sexual assault against an adult victim." If convicted of a first-degree felony, Coy -- who is married and has two children -- faces up to 99 years to life in prison…Herb Alpert is coming to Galveston and leaving the Tijuana Brass behind. Best known for his string of hits in the '60s with such trumpet-driven, Latin-informed ditties as "A Taste of Honey" and the Allen Toussaint-penned "Whipped Cream" (more widely known as the theme for the 1970s version of The Dating Game), Alpert has traded in his horn for a paintbrush. An exhibition of his work is on view at Galveston's Buchanan Gallery on October 13 as part of the Oleander City's ArtWalk, and Alpert will be on hand for a meet-'n'-greet at the Buchanan from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Like his music, his paintings are brassy and abstract…Because of the September 11 horrors, J. Paul Jr. & The Zydeco NuBreedz had to tentatively reschedule their trip to Gabon for what would have been the first zydeco concert in Africa, according to co-manager Patrina Flanagan. Flanagan says the NuBreedz instead toured on the East Coast, taking their feel-good music where it was most needed. In Washington, they helped a packed house full of traumatized government workers come back to life with a cathartic set at the Half-Moon Barbecue in Silver Springs, Maryland…Did you know? Countrypolitan superstar and 2001 Country Music Hall of Fame inductee Don Gibson wrote both mega-smashes "Oh Lonesome Me" and "I Can't Stop Loving You" in what must have been one depressing 1957 afternoon?

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