Hail to the Chiefs

Rod Paige searches for the perfect image, and CEP wiggles in even closer to the power source -- wherever it can find it

It's hard to say much about just what Danielson will be doing. At the Department of Education, spokeswoman Lindsey Kozberg said she would see if Danielson had time for a quick interview. That never happened, and repeated follow-up calls went unanswered. Kozberg also said she was still not able to reveal where Abbott had gone because the federal agency employing him has not made a formal announcement yet. She did promise the job was "high-ranking."

On the strength of his résumé, though, Danielson may be just the person to turn things around for Paige. He knows Washington and the Department of Education. He's apparently a master of manipulation as CEP continues its march across the country despite cries of concern and danger along the way. By comparison, successfully stage-managing a secretary of education's public image should be a walk in the park.

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